Furry Friends

Last year, I decided to goย in a direction that helped those without a voice.


Our furry companions!

Embarking on a journey in to a new qualification is always a scary thing but I jumped in to Veterinary Nursing with both feet January of 2016.


Working in a clinic environment has a lot of ups and downs. It is an extremely hard and stressful environment to be in. I have such a high admiration for vets and all the staff with everything they do for very important family members.

During my course I have learnt invaluable lessons on pet health over the past year.

The simplest of techniques can help your fluff ball feel like a new animal! I feel every pet owner should have a run down of the basics upon getting a new animal.

For example, whilst travelling in Cuba I met a stray dog we started calling Patch.

Normally I do my best to feed stray animals while I am away, as I know they rely on it most the time and can appear very malnourished.


Pic above: Stray dogs in Mexico. One had what appeared to be a neurological problem ๐Ÿ˜ฆย 

This day was no different, except when a small doggie we started calling Patch approached.

I saw his whole ear was full of raw flesh and blood.

My heart instantly broke. With tears pouring from my eyes I ran in to my home stay to riffle through my medical kit for something that was pet friendly I could use to maybe change his outlook.

You know when you get a cut that doesn’t heal and it is throbbing constantly? All I could think about was stopping Patch from experiencing pain any longer.

I used some tissues and Betadine antiseptic on the wound before Patch ran away. Thought to myself, “Hopefully he doesn’t hate me”.

The next night we were walking home from dinner and somehow managed to get a loyal dog pack following us (for a lengthy amount of time!)

When we got home we had no food to offer but they hung out just outside our room. From the corner of my eye I noticed another dog approaching. It was Patch.

His ear looked 50% better. I couldn’t have been more overjoyed.

Applied the same again and we left the next day. Never saw him to see how it turned out, but I really hope he’s gone on to be a happier pooch.


Pic above: ย From that night, Patch on the far right

As much as I won’t be continuing down this path full time at the moment, without the knowledge I have gained across getting my certificate I wouldn’t have been brave enough to do my best with Patch!

I encourage all pet owners to do avid research on basic first aid, so much info can be found online about how to act in an emergency situation, if your pet has eaten something bad for them, cut their paw etc.

I hope to share some basics with you all in the near future.









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